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CLEARWIN was introduced by Travel Youtuber, Luis Alejandro Vega
Clearwin 2021-11-17
■ CLEARWIN was introduced by one of the famous travel Youtubers, Luis Alejandro Vega.

■ The theme of this video was introducing the reason why the Korean subway is superior.

■ He visited KOREA in Sep 2020 and showed some surprising points why he felt the Korean subway is good including our products, Escalator handrail sanitizer, CLEARWIN.

■ Last and this year, COVID-19 was one of the biggest social and also world problems, and there were a lot of infected cases inside the transportation.

■ As a solution for preventing confirmed cases, Korean Metro 9 selected CLEARWIN and this fact makes the Korean subway more special.

■ CLEARWIN is the best item for not only preventing people from being infected by the coronaviruses but also preventing getting hurt from a fall.

▶Thanks to Luis for taking and sharing this amazing video with others, and allowing us to share this material =)

↬ CLEARWIN-Escalator handrail sanitizer

▪ Self-generated UV-C Escalator Handrail Sanitizer

Do not need any external electricity support but instead uses the escalator handrail’s motion to generate power

▪ UV-C Sanitization

99.9% elimination rate about various germs, bacteria, and viruses, including Coronaviruses

▪ Easy installation

CLEARWIN can be easily installed onto an existing escalator. There are two types of products and it depends on the type of Escalator

▪ Compact and safe design

Wide side cover and Anti-hand stuck device-Preventing people's hands from being stuck between the products and handrail

▪ Logo printing available

To promote the specific company and institute, the logo can be printed on the surface of the product

▪ Certificate: CE, FCC

▪ Test report: KCL, KoZRI